[AutoMod] Add tag to Allowed messages please

So currently there’s no way to tell if a message has been allowed by a moderator or not, so bots will still delete it once it comes up in chat.

Please add a tag to the PRIVMSG, like “approved=1” or something.



The only way I found so far is to listen to pubsub, storing the incoming allowed_twitchbot_message IDs and checking those when a new message comes in via IRC.
Vice versa, I also have to store the recent messages from IRC in case the pubsub message comes in after the IRC message… (in practice, I just delay the IRC messages by 10ms, but thats an awful solution)

I fullheartedly support the suggestion of adding approved=1, it would at least reduce the number of messages to save.

Unfortunately that’s not feasible since pubsub is heavily restricted. So listening on pubsub for all needed chats (even active on my app within the last 15 minutes), as it is today, is impossible without intentionally circumventing the current system with multiple proxy IPs.

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