Average viewers without a twitch account

Hello. i hope this is the right catagory for this but if someone is watching a channel but does not have a twitch account will they count as a viewer and if so would that count towards the average viewers?


ok the main reason i ask is a buddy of mine is at the moment and he asked me that question and i was not sure if they did or not. Also how often does the statics page update after each stream

Like 10/15 minutes after the stream, whenever the stream summary generates

ahh ok…one last question and sorry if this is a dumb question but if someone is watching multipul streams do they get counted as a viewer in each stream or only 1

I believe so yes.

Watching multiple streams doesn’t count as a viewer on each stream, just one of them.

oh ok ty…i was also curious myself about the non account twitch viewer, im glad that peopel with out twitch account count as a viewer :slight_smile: :slight_smile: helps out alot with begging streams i find :slight_smile: