Avoid Captcha at login

Right, so I have just recently started using WebDriver to be able to interact with webbsites using Java. Right now, I am trying to develop my own Twitch bot. Though, as I have to login every time I launch the application when I make a simple code change, eventually, Twitch wants me to enter a Captcha. So I am basically wondering if there is anyway around this. Has anyone used WebDriver to develop Twitch APIs before? Or do I have figure out somehow to use the Twitch API present today for the login?

I have tried login in instantly at the page, instead of at twitch.tv/login, you know when the box pops up? But the code does not seem to find any HTML elements there, no matter what I do.

So how should I approach this? Any help is gladly appreciated! **:**D

Twitch uses an OAuth 2.0, an authentication protocol designed to make accessing user accounts from third party clients easy and secure. Read the full authentication guide for more details.

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Thanks a lot Nate! I am now able to login without that captcha! : D

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