Bad audio when I stream/record - Surround sound 7.1

Hi, my problem is technical… sorry if I am posting on the wrong section. I’m having a problem when I try to record/stream with any program like OBS (Open Broadcast Software)… the audio of the video or the stream sounds very low and with a little echo. The game sounds bad, discord sounds very bad, the audio in general. It happens when I use the Logitech G430 headset. I think this is the fault of surround sound 7.1, if I turn off the surround I hear it a little better…but I want to use surround, I cant play or do anything without surround :/.
Do you have some solution for this?, I am waiting a response, greetings!.
And sorry for my english.

This is a site for 3rd party developers. You might try posting on OBS support forums or community chat or talking to Logitech Support if you feel the headset is a problem.

For OBS: or

Related, I do have a G430 headset and have never had the problems you are mentioning, but I do not always stream with them either. I feel that people will be asking you for your OS, what version of OBS, and if you have the latest firmware/drivers for everything when you ask for support, so be sure to include that kind of information on the OBS support forums.

Good luck!