"banned by" not showing up in IRC?

So I noticed that there was a new addition to twitch chat. Finally they implemented a feature so that mods or higher could see who timed out/banned/unbanned another person. But I just checked my raw irc logs and they dont show up there. The tags are still the same and no notice is being sent. So I would guess this is websocket feature? Or is it just not rolled out properly?

>>>@ban-reason= :tmi.twitch.tv CLEARCHAT #overseerh :hoffsbot

Unless this is BTTV addition but I doubt it…

This is available over IRC if you’ve asked for the tags capability. Please see this thread: [BETA] Timeout reasons & durations

You can see in the snippet I added that I do have tags capability. But the messages of “banned by” are added automatically now. At least for me while using twitch website. This is sure a new addition. At least I think so. Also same message is passed for unbanning:

I tried it without BTTV and these messages weren’t showing up. I was getting regular “Was banned” message. So it seems it’s a BTTV addition? But how does that work then? I don’t see any messages being passed in IRC that would indicate who banned who without them actually giving a reason.

That information is available over the PubSub interface, not IRC. More information can be found here: In-line broadcaster chat mod logs

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Huh, interesting. Thank you.

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