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Just wanted to know if Twitch will have any plans to allow to stream games in the [list of prohibited games] (Twitch Help Portal), besides the ESRB AO games?
According to the [RoC] (

Depictions of Nudity or Extreme Violence
We ask that you refrain from creating or using depictions of nudity or extreme violence for the time being. We are currently working on site features that will allow for responsible broadcasting and viewing of legitimate artistic depictions of nudity and violence.

As the RoC was last updated in July and this was there before hand, I’m not sure you people are really looking into this. Well it’ll be very good if you do because some people might want to stream a live nude body painting, consent of course, and if you are working on this feature make sure that people have to verify that they are over 18 like uploading a Driver’s license or a Passport or equivalent. As this might be a way to stop the awful spam in these types of streams.

I don’t want Twitch to file a chapter 11 because of some rouge egghead showed his mom a naked girl on here and file a suing for physiological issues, like really “Mom” danSgame, just make sure you do the right thing and everyone (hopefully) will be happy,

PS: I was about to say why Yandere Simulator is in the list, then

Occurrences of nudity, sex, or gratuitous violence in games that otherwise adhere to the above are OK, so long as you do not make them the focus of your content.

So I’m taking a $10 bet that it has to with the violence being part of the main theme and that’s a no go.

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