Banner not showing in offline twitch embed

I have a Twitch embed on my site ( and since a while back whenever I’m offline instead of showing the channel banner it just shows an ugly white box with text (image 1). The banner is still there, but for some reason it is hidden behind the div with class “Layout-sc-nxg1ff-0 cRDLjl”. If I delete or hide it the banner shows up correctly, but I can’t seem to hide it with just CSS as it is an iframe (at least I think that’s the issue) and even if I could that feels like the dirtiest solve possible.

Anyone have any good ideas?


You cannot and should not modify what the player does. (Disallowed in the Dev TOS/Agreement)

Embeds have been changed by Twitch to show this “user if offline screen” instead. And often split test other things in offline embeds

If you want to show the banner instead of the player. Show the banner instead of invoking/creating a player.

Oh, I see. Is there a way to show the player when online, and the banner when offline?

Sure, call the streams API and do whatever makes sense to control yoru HTML.