Basically HELP!

My name is Corey Yankovich. I live in Atlanta, GA.

For 3 years I’ve been doxxed and harassed and unfortunately most of it has been happening on Twitch.
I am not trying to blame anyone for anything, I’m trying to seek help.

What I do know is that the whole #gme #superstonk and all that nonsense over on Reddit, has taken its own shape on Twitch.

I was banned on my account New Koviak for reasons unknown. Every attempt to recover it has failed because my phone and PC can only access what I beleive to be a proxy server.

I have screenshots and videos that fill up flash drives and harddrives. The entire city of Atlanta is hacked.

It sounds insane, but maybe you know something…I am not an actor. I never agreed to be part of any special ops. Online or offline, and this has taken a very painful turn for me. I have a couple places you can check some of the pieces of evidence. NEW KOVIAK'S DISCORD (discord, go to introductions)
also my twitter @xttxkkx

Some other names accounts that were mysteriously blocked A_NOISE_ANNOYS, Xttxkkx, KnewKoviak, and New Koviak.

I am assuming you already know who I am OR what appears to be happening – my PC timezone changes, and then a few hours later i can pick up on my brother and a female reenacting things, or doing the weird “are they really playing a game on stream or is there something we can’t see going on that we are all gambling on…” type of thing

Corey Yankovich
2307 Brafton Ct Nw
Acworth, GA 30101

Please let this get to the right person. I know it seems like I’m over reacting or being a bit of a b*tch – but im not joking. 3 years is a long as time to deal with not funny memes, and to deal with crowds of people swarming me around town, fighting to keep my job long enough to stop these hacks from stealing unemployment paychecks as well as using my actual pain and suffering from the bullying and mental torture to collect disability and victims pay. Yes, my family is participating as well. No, I cannot go to the police. The police actually show up to do wellness checks on me because they have already been told this is all for a movie or show or some other kind of bad information.

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