Been Using API V2 To Set Title / Game Using Auth Token, Now It's Broken? Status 123

Absolutely no clue whats going on here, I am sending this using Java and its HTTP implementation:

URL url = new URL(input);
HttpURLConnection httpCon = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection();
httpCon.setRequestProperty("Authorization","OAuth " + <auth_key>"));
System.setProperty("http.agent", "");
httpCon.setRequestProperty("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded;charset=UTF-8");
httpCon.setRequestProperty("Content-Length", "" + writeMe.getBytes().length);
OutputStreamWriter out = new OutputStreamWriter(httpCon.getOutputStream());
InputStreamReader in = new InputStreamReader(httpCon.getInputStream());

Auth is not the issue since the response is not 401…
I am only getting “123” as a response, and the game / title is not updating.

Researching around shows no change in the V2 api, nor what status 123 is.

No clue what this is, any help would be appreciated.

Works fine for me… What channel are you trying to update? What payload are you sending? Does your oauth token have the channel_editor scope?

I’m having issues updating my title as well. Before today using the v3 API it would update fine, and after making no changes to my code it suddenly stopped updating. It just returns the object with the current title instead of updating.

I am also having trouble with the API (with v2) for updating the game and title. I even tried with a new oauth token.

Yeah, no luck here with any of the versions. Says it has been updated but it doesn’t update.

EDIT: Creating a completely new token also doesn’t work.

Not sure if this also affects commercials. Can anyone confirm?

My previously working chat bot implementation to update status and game using v2 is also now broken.

I am updating my own channel:

I am sending only game and title updates:


I am the channel owner, so yes the oauth token has channel_editor

Using my own application for updating the title, “Da_Coder’s Twitch Notifier” <-- thats what its called on Twitch’s connections tab.

We are able to reproduce here, but without the 123 (not quite sure what that is).

It will give a status code 200, but will not update the title/game. We’ll have a look and fix.

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Wait are you aaron clay? i thought xangold was aaron clay?

I’m both, I have a personal account and work account and I’m terrible at remembering which ones I used here. :slight_smile:


This should be fixed now.

Can confirm it has been fixed for me.

I can confirm it also but I needed a new oauth token to get it working.

Fixed for me too, just curious, what was it?

Now after some days, I cannot get setting the game to work through the API on both v2 and v3. Status works just fine thou. I do have permission for channel_editor so I don’t think that should be the issue.

Currently changing your game from anything but the dashboard is not working as expected. This was reported last Saturday and I believe is still being worked on.

It is working for me without any problems for the last 8-9 days and just tested it.

I am using GET on this address:

"" + channel_name + "?channel[game]=" + game_name + "&_method=put&oauth_token=" + oauth_token

remember to use the _method=put

It appears to update the channel page but changes do not affect the game directory your stream is listed in and those changes are lost each time you ingest.

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