[Beginer] ChatBot Authorizate

I do make multi platform chat (for twitch, youtube, hitbox, beam maybe) and I try to put song request with Monstercat FM (when no requests) and so on so it is kinda cool feature. Now I am not sure how to start because I need to get a connect to twitch (that thing when you start using new ChatBot you need to connect it to twtich). So I am looking for how to do this? Even so if any suggestion or help would be aprichiated

Docs for our IRC system are all here: https://github.com/justintv/Twitch-API/blob/master/IRC.md

There are also plenty of threads here on the forums for the basics and for frameworks that can help with connecting to IRC. :slight_smile:

Thanks got it. So next is to use Client ID as sending stuff from your application (I do my app in Visual Studio so its desktop app)

Nvm. So I am still catching. However you use your URL with Client ID to connect and get a access token from it. My Question is if you are making desktop app how to get that access token for your program

You have to open the authorization inside of a browser window in order to get an OAuth token. You’d have to embed a WebView or something similar to load this up.

Thanks for reply. Thanks

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