[Beginner] Common question about auth API and chat bots

Every streamer on twitch can add a chat bot to a channel. Bot has nickname that you can see in a chat (“Moobot”, for example). However, bots are created by different users use different accounts for authorization.

As a result bots have different accounts, but the same nickname on twitch server. How is it possible and how it works?

Thank you.

Bots like Moobot and Nightbot are actually one account, they are just in multiple chat rooms at the same time. Each person that uses the bot has to agree to authorize the bot to perform elevated actions, like editing titles, etc. By doing this each user generates a oauth token that only the bot can use and is specific to the streamers account. The bot cannot use this token to get information or manipulate another person’s account.

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Thank you, but if you are right, it means that Moobot uses one account to seat in the huge number of chat rooms and to moderate the huge number of chats in the same time. Does it mean that Moobot developers have a server with a good processing power to moderate the huge number of channels?

You don’t need a hugely powerful computer to process a lot of messages from a lot of channels.

I’m not associated in any way with the Moobot’s staff, but i believe the best way to do something in large scale would be having multiples instances of the bot running in multiple servers.

For example, you can have 1 instance of your bot connected to ~30 rooms, then you can have 20 instances of your bot running in one server and have multiple other servers, with this kind of setup you can have your bot monitoring 600 channels with only ONE server.

Of course these values change with your server hardware, you may not be able to have 20 instances running at the same time, but that depends on how your bot was made and the kind of hardware your server is running.

Note that you can have as many instances of your bot running as you want in the same account.

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