(Beginner) Does my application/website need to be complete/somewhat functional before I register

Hey there, I’m new here, and have a very simple question. I am working with a team on developing a website using wordpress, and it will require use of the Twitch API. We are still hesitant on registering an application, as we are curious on whether or not our website has to be totally functional without the Twitch API, of course. At the moment, we just have our menus set up, a theme, and an interesting design. Does more work have to be put in? Or are we likely to get our application accepted if we just register now. As I said, totally a beginner with a simple question, not that experienced with code or anything :D.

What kind of registering do you mean? If you simply want to register a developer application on twitch.tv/settings/connections, just do it, there is no approval process.

Ah thanks for the response! We were under the impression that our project must be approved. We will go ahead and register :slight_smile:

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