Best options to stream Twitch Plays games 24/7?

already asked this on reddit. Sadly, no one could help me so far.

I’ve been working on a Twitch Plays game for some time and it’s ready to go live 24/7. At the moment I’m using my PC to run and stream the game (while I’m at work).


  • Win 10 / DirectX
  • Mid-range GPU for shader support (2D game with shaders for day/night cycle, animations and some other visual fx) + FullHD streaming (Streamlabs OBS)


  • buy a cheap PC and stream from home (PROs: easy access, probably low running costs, CONs: uses my internet traffic)
  • rent a GPU powered server (PROs: access from everywhere, no traffic used, CONs: very expensive afaik)
  • ?

So what is the best way to have a game running 24/7, at a relatively low cost?
Are there any other possibilities I didn’t even think of?
If I stream from home, what kind of PC should I get?
Are there any affordable servers to rent?

Thanks in advance!

Probably depends your own bandwidth. I have Gigabit, so I could basically run anything I wanted without noticing any issues in my day to day life. You would probably get off cheaper int he long run if you run locally, but then all the tech issues are on you to fix.

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