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I currently have two accounts, my main account i stream with and and account created for my Chatbot i built. I would like to move my my chatboth that uses TMI oauth to actually registering an app and getting a correct oauth token with the CLI…

My question is, do i register an app AS my twitch bot account since it will be the main account connecting and interacting? or do i register an app as my main streaming account ? (and does this method tie’s it some how to my bot’s account?)

Currently both accounts have different emails and will hope to consolidate them to use a single email account (not sure if this is relevant to the app registration)

Thanks!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Personally I would register the ClientID to my personal twitch account.

So I own all my apps.

Then bot accounts auth in via oAuth as needed

hey @BarryCarlyon thanks for the quick reply, when u say oauth are you talking about Twitch Chat Password Generator or is there another method of obtaining an oauth token without registering an app for a chatbot ?

No I say you create your own clientID, which is your OP… whom owns your clientID.
You should never use someone elses ClientID/token generator for a production application

Then build your own oAuth flow. - Authentication | Twitch Developers

Otherwise why are you registering a clientID? :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically, you should generate your own ClientID/Application. Whom onws it is generally irrelevant.
My prefence is that I own my clientID’s
Then to create TwitchChat bots I register a Twitch account
Then ue my oAuth flow on my bots website to create a token to login to chat with.

So all BarryBots use the same ClientID but different accounts.
And the clientID is mine

Perfect thank you for the clarification! have a great weekend!

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