Best way to get Oauth token for API

Hello. I have been working on a chat bot for quite awhile now, and recently I have taken the plunge to give the bot access to Twitch and other API’s. The issue I have come up with is that it seems like in order to get an Oauth token in order to make authorized requests, I need a redirect URL… My bot has no site, I own/host no sites, and I have absolutely no experience with anything more than the mere basic HTML and such. What is the easiest way to get an Oauth token despite this difficulty?

use http://localhost and extract it from the url. you could do that easily with some basic php, javascript, or just ask google about it, there is a bunch of examples :slight_smile:

Using the Twitch js sdk on github pages is simple and free.

As I stated in the OP: I don’t host a site, I don’t know PHP or Javascript, and all my googling has found examples that involve some sort of site, but like I said, since this is a one-off personal bot, I don’t have any sort of site or tools like that.

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Absolutely easiest would be I created this website for one-off token requests when I need them.


Thank you. I was looking specifically for something like this. Something super easy to input everything and get what I need.
Also appreciate you using the implicit flow.
Give this man a cookie… platter… with a server…

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