Best way to test account linking

So I want to make an extension that will be reliant on using the requestIdShare action but I’m having difficulties.

The ‘Yes, I would like my extension to request an identity link.’ box is ticked.

I’ve tried using the developer rig but unfortunately according to a closed github issue it doesn’t support it yet. Clicking a button with requestIdShare() on it does nothing.

I’ve tried testing it on my developer account’s twitch channel while logged into my developer account but the problem is according to the docs it won’t work then because ‘It is called when the extension is installed on the user’s own channel.’

I’ve tried logging out and/or logging into another twitch account but the extension is only ever visible on my developer account’s twitch channel when logged into my developer account.

I’ve tried adding my other twitch accounts to both the ‘Broadcaster Whitelist’ and ‘Testing Accounts’ in my extension’s Access settings but the extension still isn’t visible on any other account on my channel and no other account can add the extension to their channel.

I’ve tried having the extension in both ‘Hosted Test’ and ‘Testing’ states, neither seems to make a difference in this respect.

Am I missing something or doing something wrong or is there no way to test Account Linking without having the extension reviewed? To be clear all I want to do is test it on my own accounts.

When adding accounts to the Testing Accounts list, you’re adding the user ids, and not the usernames, right?

I was using usernames, this was the issue, thank you!

I do remember thinking that might be it but there was another place it mentioned using IDs and usernames worked for me so I felt like they used the term interchangeably but I guess not. Whoops.

Would be helpful to get an error message if you submit a list with letters in it.

Excellent, glad you figured it out!

I actually had to test with a username just to see if I would get an error (I didn’t). I agree, setting a username show throw some sort of error.