Better way of connection to group servers

Currently I connect to for my irc connection but this seems to be really unreliable.

I have to reset the connection a few times to get a sucess because im assuming it also includes websocket servers.

I would prefer not to make an API call for to get the servers I need.

Is there a way to connect to the group irc servers like the normal ones with and or whatever its called.

Or maybe im wrong and the servers are just weird to connect to.

Any help would be great. Chat servers usally connect instantly

I always make the API call for both Group and main/AWS.

It’s safer in the long run to make that call, saves fudgery for if/when Twitch makes cluster changes.

But yeah some of the group clusters are a bit weird on connection shrug

Not all group chat servers have port 6667 open. I’ve been using group, without issue for a month or few now.

443 seems to connect instantly but whisper are not getting through. Not sure why

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