Bitrate for Xbox

For any twitch developer reading this, i would like to say thank you for reading this. I am no one special just trying to get my opinion heard.
I play on Xbox and the options on bitrate are very limited. I understand why selecting preset bitrates to the appropriate resolution. But this affects my stream quality. I’ll explain, my internet can barely support 720p 3000kb so i get alot of fram drops. But when i switch to 480p 1000kb. I get pixel motion on my movements.
If twitch could add the option of 720p 2000kb or 480p 2000kb this would help me and I’m sure many others that do not have a consistent mbps to support 3000kb.
Again I’m no one special just a new streamer trying to give out the best streams i can based off of what i have. Which is xbox series S and starlink internet.
Having a 720p 2000kb or a 480p 2000kb option would be great! Or having the older option back to set bitrates would be even better. But unfortunately on xbox the resolutions are set with the bitrate.
I hooe this raises some questions and starts discussions amongst the developers at twich. So we can have a better experience with twitch as streamers. Again than you for reading.

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