Bitrate stuck around 2,000± kb/s & Dropping frames

Hi, I have a net speed of 1,000Mb Download / 100Mb Upload.
No crashes or jitters - stable and consistent.

Trying to go live with 4,000-6,000 Bitrate.
All settings are correct, checked.
Single streaminmg PC.

When I start a live, the live fails to transmit above 2,000± kb/s and includes drop frames. I don’t understand where the problem is.

Used TwitchTest for testing Twitch servers ingest and I can see I get low bandwidth.
(Tried through normal OBS & Streamlabs. same Issue)

*I enabled NAT
*Enabled port 1935 (RTMP protocol / Streaming protocol)
*Changed DNS IP
And still on a daily communication with my ISP to monitor what the problem is.

I would appreciate if someone who understands the problem can provide a solution.

Some specs you might be curious about:
Net speed of 1,000Mb Download / 100Mb Uploads. stable & consistent.
Connected with an ethernet cable.
RTX 3080 Ti
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

Thank you.

This is outside what the third party developers forum can generally help with.

The problem is on the route between you and your ISP.
Nothing Twitch or we/third forum can help with

Is there any definite action that can monitor the problem in your opinion that you can point to it and say “that’s the problem configure X, Y, Z”?
Because I am currently in a big hole in explaining to the ISP so that he understands the problem and knows what to do. They are light years away from understanding what streaming is, they are thinking that you talk to them about Netflix when saying “streaming”.
And I think the best thing is to simply tell them literally what they need to do to avoid wasting time and lack of understanding on their part.
Right now I’m in daily communication with my ISP without any success in explaining and monitoring the problem for almost 2 weeks and I’m really close to losing my mind.

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