Bits buying not working


I’ve tested my extension with setUseLoopback(true) and it all seems to work, but as soon as I try using real bits it fails with this error:

POST error code:400

tier_1_A is one of by Bits Product’s SKU names, and it’s set up correctly via the Rig (it costs 1 bit and is NOT in development). I have 2 bits in my balance.

Can someone shed some light on this?

What’s the error message in the response body?

Also, is the channel you’re attempting use real bits on an affiliate/partner?

OOOOOH MAAAAAN yeah I’m not an Affiliate/partner - so I can’t buy MY OWN EXTENSION BITS

Please someone needs to enable devs to test this path without having to be a affiliate or partner!

You can test it, by setting the product SKU to in development. It does everything using real bits would do, except subtract them from the users account and distribute them to the channel and developer.

Yes that works - but I want to test the final PRODUCTION path (everything the same as a user) - I think that is a fair thing to ask for a dev? :slight_smile: One for the Twitch team now I feel.

Then go ask an affiliate/partner to help you test.

To let you spend real bits on a channel that’s not even an affiliate, just because they’re whitelisted as a test channel, would be a silly way to let you bypass the affiliate/partner requirement to be a Bits enabled channel.

Also, if a channel isn’t an affiliate or partner, then they have no payment system setup to be paid the bits, they’d just vanish. Even if a it’s an account that has gone through the extension onboarding so has completed the tax forms and set up a payment method, they’re still not eligible to receive bits as they’re not an affiliate or partner.

I agree that with certain complexities it is not viable now - but we can improve the developer experience by letting them be able to test the full production path - it may need some product thinking to set the channels/permissions so it is not abused but to me “Spending Bits as a consumer on a Affiliate/Partner channel” and “I am a developer and need to test the final production path” are separate things. I’ve flagged this up to the Twitch team internally.

From a dev standpoint, the only difference between testing and production is a toggle, change the product SKU from in development true, to false. Functionality doesn’t change.

From Twitch’s point of view, this would be open to abuse, lacks sufficient use case as they’ve provided plenty of ways for you to test yourself, as well as working alongside an affiliate/partner if that’s what you really want to do. To allow devs to use bits would also devalue both their affiliate and partner programs, as anyone can sign up to be an extension dev, so allowing you to spend real bits would hurt their own affiliate/partner programs for no real benefit.

And a tax nightmare… Even though as devs we already did the tax forms…

What is suggested here is the ability to use bits, on your own extension, installed on your own stream… Thats fun for tax…