Bits Duel Functie

I was only thinking about bits duels. I personally come from the Netherlands therefore me english not so good.

Explanation idea: You Have For example 100 Bits
opponent one: has 100 bits
opponent 2: has 100 bits
opponent 3: has 100 bits

Then there is 400 bits in the pot. The bot then chooses one winner who wins 75 percent of the pot. The other 25 percent goes to the streamer in the twitch chat where viewers do with. In 1000 bits may also get pop up on stream. Can also lower the streamer.

If you look this cool idea or additional tips I’ll let you know.

Sincerely EliteThomas12


This is a third party developer forum, you might suggest this idea at However, as this is gambling with real money, that is controlled typically by local regulatory committees (at least in the US) and I am not sure anything like this would ever be allowed. However, I am not a lawyer.


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