Bits products not working in live

My products are not in development and was working perfectly before. But recently, I see in released version all products getting error that says “Sorry something went wrong” and API getting 400 always. If I set a product in development, in hosted test it works fine.

Since the URL you posted was not kraken or helix I will have to assume you are using an unsupported api/endpoint which is undocumented and can change at any time without notice.

(Edit: I just realized this might be something internal to extensions, which I haven’t played with yet. If so, please forgive my ignorance)

I’m just using Twitch.ext.bits.useBits function, which I think should be ok. Any idea or anything you think needs setup from developer portal?

It’s normal that the call is made to kraken, no worries about it.

Did you do something in particular?
Creating a new version? Cloning a previous version? Creating new sku?

Do you test this on a test channel or on a streamer’s channel?

I cloned released version 0.0.3 and created 0.0.4 which is still in testing. Is that a problem?
I tested released version (0.0.3) on a streamer’s channel (removed that account from 0.0.4 white list), but still no luck.