Bits Transactions and Transaction Receipts

Is there a reason that transactionReceipts do not contain the channelId of where the extension is located? I know I can get that information from the JWT, but I am curious how to handle the following scenario:

  1. User completes a bits transaction via twitch to acquire an in-extension-item. (e.g. 10 bits for a vote)
  2. Extension attempts to store the transaction information and channel id in an EBS database.
  3. For whatever reason, there is a problem with the EBS and the data cannot be stored at that time.

At this point, the user has completed a transaction and the bits have been deducted from their account. However, the backend was unable to store this information.

If there was an error, I would wait a period of time to try again to send it to the backend. If that failed again for some reason, I would like a way for the user to contact me so their bits transaction information is not lost. The extension could display an error message with the transaction receipt and an email address or other contact information to send it to me for manual processing, but the transactionReceipt doesn’t contain channelId. Therefore, I’m not sure how I’d figure out what channel the transaction occurred on.

Unless there is an API call to get transactions for an extension that I’m unaware of, what are some possible solutions for solving this scenario?

Hey there theHills,

We think that some of your questions can be answered by this post found here:

Additionally, we have notified our internal teams to take a look into some of the points your brought up here.