Blocked Users v Banned Chatters

My use of the API works and “blocks” is in use. I can block and get an array of blocked users.

However the account I’m testing with shows that I have no “Banned Chatters” in Settings. I assumed that they were the same thing and need someone to help clear this up before I start using incorrect phrases in my code.

Can someone please tell me the difference between Blocked Users and Banned Chatters.

If there is no difference then why might the account I’m testing show that there are none banned and yet the API returns 2 users?


UPDATE: I obviously need to take a break. I just realized that we can ban people from using our chat but we can also block other users so that we cannot see their messages whatever chat we are in. The API feature I’m using must be related to ignoring/blocking other users.


Your update is correct.

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