Bot ban and oauth keys


I’ve built an external streamer service and enable twitch oauth on it. I intent to use the same Twitch account to make a small bot for my users. Thus I will have an account with my oauth app credentials that serve as a bot in the same time.

My question is what happen to the app credentials in the case the bot is softban for exceeding chat limits ? As I understand it, if something goes wrong and my bot exceed chat limits, it will be banned for 30 minutes. In that case, will my users still be able to log onto my website using the app credentials stored in the same account ?

Thank you for the clarification.


The chat lockout only applies to sending messages via chat.

Ok thanks for the answer. Did you found that in the documentation or do you know that from experience ? Thanks

This is how Twitch treats any account in chat. API rate limits are handled in a different manner. Twitch has eluded to 1 API call per second being the current limit, but it isn’t automatically enforced, Dallas has said you will be contacted first. The new API (Helix) will automatically enforce those limits and provide information about rate limiting.

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