Bot can't be ban from channel

Hi all,

Just small question for you, I’ve have two bots on my channel that I can’t ban from the chat.

It’s not the bots that I setup like wizebot, moobot, or something like that. These two bots are all the time connected to the channel but I dont know why, can you tell me if I can remove or block the access to these to bots ?

I already seen these ones on a multiple channels, maybe they pickup some information from the chat or I don’t know what exactly.

Below the names of these two :

If you can just tell me how I can block the access to the channel for these two bots ?

Thank you in advance.

Anyone is free to connect to a channel and read chat/watch the stream. This cannot be prevented. The most you can do is to ban the bot, which will stop them from being able to post anything. Any user you ban will still be able to connect to chat, read chat, and view the stream, and as such will still show up in the viewer list. If (for some reason), you have an issue with the bot being able to read what you say, A: consider what you write in the public chat B: If possible, message the bot owner and request them to have the bot stop connecting, and check if the bot’s profile had any info on how to remove it.

s/viewer list -> chatter list

Chat bots do not impact viewer count in any way.

Bots are supposed to be using justinfan accounts if they are just gathering data, to prevent complaints like this post, and while I personally don’t understand being upset at having a bot idle in your channel, I respect twitch admin decisions to use a justinfan account so that they can lurk invisibly instead.

Something to understand: Theoretically you are never alone in any chat. It’s a public website that supports anonymous login.

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