Bot for /prediction and /poll?


I have read through the standard API documentation but could not find anything helpful and then I came across IRC integration. I have done some IRC chat bots in the past but before looking further maybe someone can help me answer 2 of my questions.

First, I would to give some context on what I am trying to achieve by explaining the channel:

I have created a twitch channel which streams 24/7 heroes of the storm content. I want to leverage the automation software I created that streams the replays by also enriching the channel with automated predictions and outcomes as well as running dynamic polls based on the information the software gathers from a replay. This software I created could potentially be extended to also connect and run a Chat Bot.

  1. Can I make a bot that can use the /prediction command to start and end a prediction?
  2. Is it possible to use a bot to create a /poll for users to submit their votes on to?
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As of now no to both.

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