Bot only receives chat messages from Moderators in a channel

So I have been working on my bot for a bit now but im very confused.
One day i decided to use the bot but for some reason it can only see messages from mods/streamer on each channel and it confuses me a lot. So lets say a mod does a command it will respond but if a normal user does the command it wont respond.

It isnt even getting a message from the server when its a normal user. I am printing out every message but only mod ones appear/are recieved. Another weird thing that happened is I have put it on a bunch of my different friends whenever i turn it up it doesnt always work. By that It connects fine but it cant send messages.

Im probably being a noob. Any ideas?

Some extra Info:

  1. I have tried older versions of the bot with the same account but i still get the same error.

Are you able to post code?

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