Bot using cheer100?

So I had this idea recently to have a bot, which I run on mIRC, cheer when a certain amount of people use a command.
But it looks like the bot just says cheer100 without actually cheering.
Is it possible for a bot to cheer, if so, any idea how I could do it?

It can’t be done by a bot/over IRC right now.

Also I’m not sure if thats allowed under the Bits AUP.

Since the bits would be bought by the caster and then used in their own channel to pay themseleves bits…

Which is probably why this method (bots cheering) is blocked

The bits AUP is not an inscrutable tome written in a dark script no mortal can contend with.

“You may not sell or transfer Bits to other users of the Twitch Service, or offer Bits in exchange for real or virtual currencies or any other consideration or items of value whether inside or outside of the Twitch Service. Accordingly, you may not sell, barter, or trade any Bits, or offer to sell, barter, or trade any Bits. You may only purchase Bits from Twitch, and you may only use Bits on the Twitch Service as authorized by Twitch. Any attempted prohibited sale or transfer will be null and void.”

The bits are bought on Twitch, used on Twitch, and they do not go to the person invoking the command, but instead the caster. There is no exchange of currency and bits, and so I don’t see how this could possibly violate the AUP.

Hilariously, the AUP also states
“Improper and/or inappropriate uses include, but are not limited to: … Giving Bits to a broadcaster as a payment substitute to a broadcaster, or in response to a request for financial support;”

When was the last time you heard of Twitch hunting down casters who say they’ve been having a rough time financially and getting bits because of it? I’ve literally never heard of Twitch going after anyone for that ever, even though it seems to be far more clearly in violation of the AUP than donating to yourself. (Even through a third party.)

Well it wasn’t my plan of cheering to myself as that would be stupid, it was an idea to use in a different stream where people could use a command and trigger the bot to cheer100 making me donate a dollar to the streamer

Are you asking if it would be possible to make ‘your’ bot cheer in someone else’s stream chat?

If so, the bot you use would also have to be used by the other streamer, but it would be against rules, as it isn’t YOU cheering. It would be you triggering a cheer (e.g !Cheer) which would cause the Bot to have to use it’s own Bits (if that is even possible) to cheer, meaning you would not have spent any money.

Also, just typing in “Cheer100” will cause you to donate a dollar, the extra step of making the Bot do it isn’t needed :slight_smile:

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