Bot Verification - Internal Use


I’m a developper for O’gaming TV, a french WebTV with multiples channels (ogaminglol, ogamingsc2 …)
We are actualy developping a Twitch Bot for differents projects.
The bot is for internal use only.

I have made a demand to be “bot verified” unfortunatly, it has been 20+ days and the ticket is still open.
On the survey, i’m wondering how do I need to fill these fields :
Instructions on how to add a bot to a channel
Instructions on how to remove a bot from a channel.

Because the bot is for internal use, I really wonder what can I tell on this.

Thank you very much

They would give you “known_bot” not Verified or the Verified badge.

But they didn’t yet, that’s why i’m wondering if being an internal use only Bot is a problem or not

“Bot is a custom bot and not to be added to other channels, there are not add/remove commands”

OK that’s pretty much what i’ve done. Thank you, hoping for an answer soon.

Oh worth noting you might not get a email reply.

You can just check the relevant API end point to see if it’s been done

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