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Since the bot verification take a very long time (1 month without any answer, I like the “3 business days” mentionned on the docs :wink: ) I am looking for different solutions in order to contact viewers to give them their gameCode securely.

My backup solution (because I can’t whisper them directly) is to ask them to send a whisper to my bot, and it will answer their code.
The system work but I’m wondering about the rate limit.
I’m supposed to be limited at 40 accounts per day, but if I only answer, does these limits apply ?
If a user send me a message and I’m unable to answer because of these limits, it is a little bit strange because it should not be considered as an unsolicited message.

Thank you !

It takes as long as it takes depending on the queue. And sometimes for a verification you don’t get an answer, they just verify the bot. (check the users endpoint for bot status/flags)

Don’t rely on the whisper system, build a portal instead.

I verify the bot regularly, and it is still unverified.

What do you call a portal ? An external website with a twitch login ?
That make viewers leave in order to do many actions. Not really ergonomic and user-friendly …

The basic idea was to ask a question in the chat, users answers in the chat, and among the right answers, some users are drawn and we send them a gamecode.

Seems easy like that, but these limits are so annoying, and the validation process take so long (i’m not even sure it can work once white listed …)


But it’s the easiest/safest delivery mechanism and you can make things easier to copy and paste, or automate a little better, and provide full instructions with images on how to redeem keys.

Then you just whisper the user to visit the site and claim their key in their own time. And you can also see which keys have not been claimed from your system if you put an arbitary time limit on the claim.

Additionally you can then put a Captcha on it, to prevent chat bots claiming prizes from chat. Meaning you deliver more prizes to legitimate winners.

Edit: you could also look at using an extension instead. I built such an extension for someone and it worked really well for key delivery

It’s in partnership whith Riot Games, I have to give 200+ game codes for Hextech Chest per day. If I need to whisper them to tell them to visit the site, I prefer whisper them to give them the codes directly : “Hi, these are your codes XXX-XXX-XXX Enjoy !”

The idea with an extension seems good but we prefer not to rely on extensions for that

If the limit of 40 accounts per day is true even when you answer a whisper initiated by a real person, it is somehow problematic

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