Broadcast time viewed in drops VHS data

Hello! Is there a way to receive watch time per user per broadcast ID in the VHS data we receive? Or is it only possible to see just if they had viewed that broadcast? Our use case would be to create a leader-board of total watch time and then reward those users.

Example of what we would want:

    "broadcaster": "broadcaster-id-0000",
    "broadcast_id": 27388295120,
    "viewers": 6,
    "viewer_list": [ "viewer-id-0000" "10:20", "viewer-id-0001""2:20", ...],
    "game": "GameName",
    "version": 1,
    "id": "f0bacda2-0e39-47ca-8bf0-44e3ab32be08",
    "time": "2006-01-02T15:04:05Z07:00",
    "retries": 0

You get sent data from VHS once every minute, so to calculate their watch time you simply increment a counter for each user each time their ID is in the viewer_list.

eg, if a stream lasts for 60 minutes you’ll get 60 VHS notifications, if a user is shown in the viewer_list in 30 different notifications, then they’ve watched 30 minutes.

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Ahh, got it thank you!

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