Broadcast Xbox One Party Chat (Twitch App)

*Where is it?
I am a console streamer who uses the Xbox One one twitch app. On behalf of the [Xbox One] twitch app streamer user community, I can say that the ability for party chat (skype chat or game chat) to be broadcasted is the most requested feature to be added to the twitch app at the moment, as you can see HERE. I don’t know if you have seen any of these user’s broadcasts but 99% of the time they are chatting with friends in their game, party, ect. it is really awkward for the viewer as well as taking the entertainment away. In conclusion, we need this feature! So I ask you: May you, the developers, add party chat, or skype calls, game chat, whatever! add this feature to the Twitch App on the Xbox One?
Thank you for reading this and consider this suggestion too.
Keep up the great work!

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On the actual topic, this feature likely doesn’t exist due to privacy concerns or restrictions outside of our control.

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