Broadcaster bits price of a product


Can the Broadcaster set the bits price of the product?

For example, during extension configuration, the broadcaster sets a specific price (in bits) for something, and then have the ability to update the price for a product SKU using the configuration service.


but you can provide a pile a products in a [dropdown] and match them up to your [products] in the config view instead.

but a broadcaster cannot update the price itself, and you also have a limit on the number of bits products, so you want to make sure you can support all users of your extension.

Sounds good.

I will work around this. My extension specifically was designed to allow the broadcaster to set the price.

I can try to match them up with some pre-existing products, using a dropdown as you mentioned.

I’m sure I can do it. In any case, what is the max number of products?


Ah, ok seems like enough. Thank you.

For future reference, and a side note, if I hit a roadblock, does twitch allow it’s developers to submit a request for approval of a new feature if it seems reasonable, such as something like allowing the broadcaster to set up products?

You can submit a new version to the queue for submission as you see fit.

I do not believe that a free form price entry field will pass review. due to

See section 6

and 6.6

6.6 Twitch may request changes to marketing, UX, and press releases about your extensions if they do not describe Bits in a manner consistent with our policies and T&Cs.