Broadcaster_id? how get?

I’m quite new to all this so there’s a good chance I’m just being dumb, but…

I’m trying to make an API request to get the subscribers of my logged in user, I have a User Access Token, but I need to append a broadcaster ID that must match the broadcaster ID…in the token? huh? Where is there a broadcaster ID in the token? Is there a step I’ve missed here? I’m sure there is but I can’t find anything in the documentation about how to get this broadcaster ID. Please help. Thank you.

Use the user token against the users endpoint to get the user object for that token

That will contain the user ID

A user is a broadcaster, different “labels” for a user object applies when discussing relation ships between two or more users

Thank you for the super quick response!

I did find the Get Users endpoint, is that the one you mean? It looked like that required a user id, but looking closer it seems that none of the parameters are actually requried. Do I just make a request to “” without appending anything to get the user ID of the token bearer?

Sorry about the tedious baby-steps questions :sweat_smile:

Correct with just the clientID and token in the headers will return the user for that token.

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