Broadcaster subscription 400 error

I’m looking here for verification on changes to the subscriptions call for a broadcaster (Reference | Twitch Developers).

Using the following (with appropriate client id and bearer tokens) on a user who is neither a partner nor affiliate:<broadcaster_id>

Returns the following 400 error:

    body: {
      error: 'Bad Request',
      status: 400,
      message: 'channel_id must be a partner or affiliate'

The error itself is pretty self explanatory, and I’ve verified that when pulling subscribers for a partner or affiliate that we don’t get this error.

I checked the changelog, the forums, and the API documentation and haven’t seen any mention of this particular change. Is this change documented somewhere? Do we have alternatives to load all of a non-partner’s/non-affiliate’s subscribers?

We’re using EventSub now to track when a new sub is received, but as people onboard into the system, I’d like to have a historical snapshot of their subs so we can immediately provide their current subscribers.

A non partner/affilaite doesn’t/can’t have subscribers

So I’m not sure what you are expecting here?

For example is not an affiliate or partner, and doesn’t have a sub button. So would get this error

and as a parnter, does have a sub button won’t get this error and subscribers are returned.

Ahh thanks, :TIL:.

We’ll make adjustments accordingly. IIRC, this call was previously returning a 200 with no results, so that’s probably why this showed up as an “issue” on our side when the response changed.

Thanks much!

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