[Bug] API search not showing specific games

So, there’s a game called “100% Orange Juice” in the Twitch game directory, but when searching for the full title it will give an empty list.


But when searching for just “100%” it will be in the list (though a bit further down):

So apparently it’s in the game directory, but something is bugging out.

From the looks of it, it seems to be a bug concerning the ‘%’ (or more appropriately, the encoding for the % in URL which is %25).

I’m just basing this off the fact that, even though you are intending to search strictly for ‘100%’, it’s pulling up any games that start with ‘100’, ignoring the %.

Either way, agreed - definitely a bug.

Also, you may want to remove the client ID from the URL (unless it was created specifically to show this? :stuck_out_tongue: )

The URL encoding is correct, since it gets the % character in the second query, so the bug is more likely on Twitch’s backend with how they use special characters in their search.

I do believe there’s also a bug with the “è” character as well, though I don’t have any good examples on hand.

(Client ids are public and should not be harmful to share)

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Client id are public, but the general request has been to remove them so people don’t just blindly copy paste them when code is there.

Fair enough, agreed that it’s something funky in the back end.

Ah, I’ve always seen the request to remove them but @TournyMasterBot’s reasoning makes sense! Good to know for the future as well :slight_smile:

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