[Bug] Chat embed no longer working on mobile

There seems to be an issue with chat embeds, where it’s not able to log in the user for chat properly.

The direct url works just fine, as well as the popout chat. No login prompt is displayed for that.

It navigates to the Twitch login, but once logged in (or when you’re already logged in) it keeps displaying this screen:

The login window navigates directly to Twitch’s front page after login/redirect, and nothing happens after that.

Tested with Safari on iOS.

This sounds like it is tied to

Once that is fixed, it will probably work again.

Otherwise, it may also be tied to

Can you verify the latter?

The account I tested with isn’t using 2FA, and even when already logged in (which means no login prompt in the login window) it still just navigates to the Twitch front page.

The chat embed has also already been updated to the new behavior with “parent=moo.bot”

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