[BUG] Delay is not accessible in the API

The delay set in the dashboard is not accessible/visible in the API https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/streams/
The value for the delay is always “null”

Steps to repeat
Set the delay in your dashboard
Apply settings
Go live
Check the api https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/streams/ when you are live
Expected behavior
The delay you set is the same the API returns
Current behavior
The API returns “null” as value for the delay

Dashboard http://imgur.com/JHJ9eX4
API http://imgur.com/PKzA6fO

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I’ll ask the team about this. Thanks for the report!

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Nice nice! :slight_smile: Ty for that, hope you could fix that! :wink:

What are you using the delay for in this instance?

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I use the API for a command in my chatbot.
The reason why I use the API is that there is not always the requirement for a delay for some of my channels.
And updating the command manually wasn’t “good” enough.

So it is a easy and correct way for me and the other mods to inform the users about the current delay!


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So, you’re only using the value for display purposes, right? Has this ever returned a value other than 0 or null?

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yes, Sir!

yes, it has. I added the command in November 2015 and but the return value was null for at least 2 months, I would say!

Since I’m not partnered I wasn’t able to reproduce till now!

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is there any update on this topic?

No update yet. I have to follow-up with the team! Thanks for the reminder!

I’m sure you gonna hate me but is there any update ? :wink:

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