[BUG] Hide chat button


When I click the hide chat button, the chat disappears as expected, but the chat surface expands with like 15 pixels to the left, covering a small amount of the stream while using theater mode. It’s nothing significant, but it’s annoying.

  • 16:9 / 1366*768 resolution
  • Firefox 40.0.3 (although this has been present for months on earlier ff versions, too)
  • Win7 64bit

Try reinstalling the web browser or use a different web browser? It seems to be working fine for me :confused:

Sadly, it’s not the browser. Tried it with the newest Opera and on Win8.1 64 bit with Internet Explorer. All of them produce the same problem when hiding the chat.

@hamtaai Maybe it’s your screens resolution? Sometimes the resolution can cause these type of problems.

Yeah, probably that’ll be it. Can’t do anything about that except maybe using custom css to make it smaller.

Yep. The classes .ember-chat .chat-hidden-overlay have this:
left: -19px;
Changing that to 0 px does the trick.

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At least you fixed it :smile:

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