Bug: /kraken/channels/ID/subscriptions invalid information for "is_gift"


Months ago this was showing “is_gift”=true for gifted subscribers. Now for quite awhile, every single subscribtion returned says “is_gift”=false, even if that particular subscribtion was gifted. This is a screenshot of the fields that used to be populated if the sub was gifted:

I believe this should be remedied. It was very useful since there is no other way to view a summary of this information.

Kraken is deprecated, and is_gift isn’t a documented field for that endpoint anyway so shouldn’t be relied on.

Instead you should consider switching over to the Helix endpoint to get a channels subscribers Reference | Twitch Developers

For some reason months ago when reading through the endpoints, I assumed the helix endpoint meant, “get channels who the broadcaster is subscribed to,” so I passed over helix and chose the kraken one.

Bad reading on my part, but thank you very much for this. I can now check my total gifted subscribers vs. actual subscribers again!

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