[BUG] Minixperiment is not defined

Hello guys,

I am developing a hybrid application, which has a feature that relies on the twitch player.

I have been successfully using the Twitch Interactive iframe api for Android, but it lacks playsinline attribute, so for iOS I am using an iframe with source https://twitch.tv/{CHANNEL_NAME}/hls, which has that attribute.

The player was working fine, but today we encountered an error, which prevents the player from working.

index-d958619….js:formatted:9215 Uncaught ReferenceError: Minixperiment is not defined(anonymous function) @ index-d958619….js:formatted:9215(anonymous function) @ index-d958619….js:formatted:9259
hls:15 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'funnel' of undefined(anonymous function) @ hls:15

On line 9215, you could see that Minixperiment is not defined. This breaks the whole player.

Could you please create a patch/fix for that?

Best regards.

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The only supported iframe embed can be found in our docs. It looks like you’re trying to embed /hls directly, which isn’t supported.

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