[BUG] Stream Up/Down Webhooks (Solved)

I’ve seen a few posts in the past, but it seems like maybe it is happening again? I’m using the webhook to detect when a user goes online/offline.

I’m getting the post message when they go online, but when they go offline, I continue to get a post with data that appears to have them still live. Eventually it stops, but I never get anything that doesn’t have their type mentioned as live.

Did something happen where offline posts are not being made? If I’m getting live status when they go online, then I should be getting offline status too. Unless something is bugged.


EDIT: Looks like sometimes it just takes a while. It kept replying back I was live well after I was offline, but now I’m getting empty data. So I guess it eventually works.

It’s only supposed to send a payload 3 minutes after stream up and about 6 minutes after stream down

So for one stream you should get TWO webhooks only.

You shouldn’t be “keep replying” for a webhook?!

Or are you in fact polling


Thats not a webhook/websub thats long polling helix

Webhooks/Websub being:


Yes, Barry it was a webhook. And as as I mentioned already in my edit, it eventually did send back that I was offline. It took longer than 10 mins for some reason.

This statement is confusing.

You suggest that you keep getting webhooks when a stream should only send two webhooks (unless the stream bounces)

Thats all.

But yeah we have measured that it’s at least 6 minutes before Webhooks send the stream down/offline hook. And we know it’s being worked on to improve. Basically the offline hooks waits a little longer to actually confirm that the stream is offline, as apposed to a technical issue

I was also a little confused by this, but one situation where you might continue to receive notifications is if you fail to acknowledge the notification by returning a 200 status back to Twitch. In that situation, Twitch will repeat the notification several times, with an increasing backoff timer, before giving up.

If you properly handle notification acknowledgement, and are still getting continuous notifications as it seems like you are from the way you describe it, then something isn’t working as intended.

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