[BUG] The _method param is bugging out the API

I’m experiencing some strange behavior with the _method param and the API (v3)
Looks to be affecting multiple endpoints.

See screenshot:

@DallasNChains ^

@moocat What are you using method for? I’m not sure that’s supposed to be used for anything. Do you know if this started happening recently, or has this been a bug for a long time?

It’s common in apps that were originally developed with JSONP before CORS was supported since you couldn’t pass headers and is still used in the JavaScript SDK.

Started 2ish days ago.

Honestly, it might be worth upgrading to V5 if you’re having issues with V3… V3 only has a little over 6 months left in it’s life cycle anyways…

Off the top of my head, I believe with V5 (and maybe V3, been a long while since I’ve looked at those docs), each endpoint in REST only has one eligible method (GET, POST, PATCH, etc…), so explicitly sending it in the URL is rather moot

It’s a bug with the API that is breaking applications. Should be enough said, really.

Who knows what other web apps rely on the JS SDK, all which are now broken in some way, and with most likely only a very few having discovered it.

@DallasNChains Any update on this strange behavior?

This has broken a lot of my old web applications such as the ignore list that use the old Twitch JS SDK.

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