[BUG] Unable to send chat messages when configuration service segment is required

When an extension uses a required segment for the configuration service you can’t send chat messages. Once you remove the required configuration service segment it works perfectly.

Steps to reproduce :

  • Create a new Extension
  • Add chat capabilities to version 0.0.1 and set the configuration as “configuration service”
  • Install extension version 0.0.1 on a test channel
  • Complete and run this code (nodejs)
  • You will get a message “test” in chat on your test channel from the extension
  • Add a configuration service segment requirement, either developer or broadcaster with the version 1 to your extension version 0.0.1.
  • Run the code again
  • The message is not sent in chat and you get a 401 error response from the server.

As you will see, you don’t change anything in the code, only in the config and you can’t send messages anymore.

Thanks for letting us know! We have passed this information onto the appropriate internal team to take a look at. We will update you when we get more information

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Any updates? This is still a problem