Building an Extension using PayPal


I am building an extension where users can conditionally send money to a streamer. If the streamer doesn’t meet the criteria within a few days the money will be returned. I want the money to be locked, so if the streamer completes the criteria they will certainly receive the money. I have been reviewing the Guidelines & Policies and came across this:

5.2 Extensions may not transact or encourage the transacting of monetary exchange in relation to any non-Twitch/Amazon commerce instruments. Additionally, commerce instruments may not be used without being accepted into the Twitch Extension Commerce Beta Program. You can apply for acceptance into the Twitch Extension Commerce Beta Program here.

My extension is not yet built so I cannot fill out the form linked above.

Unfortunately it seems bits do not have the sort of ‘refund’ feature I desire. Will I be allowed to use something like PayPal in this case?



Even if you were accepted such an extension would likely not be permitted. As money sitting in escrow is a whole different legal nightmare that Twitch nor streamers would likely to be involved with.

Build it is a none extension and gauge interest first. Then see about pitching it to Twitch.

This is more aimed at Commerce to buy physical products and then would be limited to Amazon Pay. Not PayPal.

Additionally, you’ll need to check that you can do what you need/want to do with PayPal (or Amazon Pay) based on the TOS of each service, as I’m not sure holding in escrow is permitted on either (and I’m not gonna check for you)

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Thanks for the reply Barry. This is very helpful.