Call an API with a chatbot?

Hello !

I made an application we use for ours lives. I wanted to get subs to generate credits. We use Utip, but this site do not propose any API. So, I listen to the chat and save message from their bots.

To get subs made when we are not live, I wonder if I can use wizebot (or make a chatbot) to send data to an home made API when UtipBot send a message (I just need to send the message).

I cannont find in documentation, is there any way to make a script for a chatbot, to send a request to another API ?

Thank you in advance.

You can do whatever you program your bot to do. If you want it to interact with your own API then it’s entirely up to you to write the code that will allow it to make those requests your API requires.

If you’re using a bot developed by someone else, then you’d have to look at their documentation to see what features their bot has and if it has the capability to send requests to other services external to Twitch.

There is tons of ways to do the callbacks and add nifty functionality. Just gotta experiment with which is working better and efficiently and just use what works.

I wrote a IRC bot in less than 5 minutes and managed to use it to call underlying frameworks in very few lines of code, just experiment with it as said. It’s pretty easy to figure out once you know each programming language that you need to depend on for it to work.

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