Calling for Streamers to partner with!

Hello all! I am currently a developer exploring the Extensions development in Twitch. I come from making video games ( and I find the interactivity and the tech stack in the Extensions to be quite exciting (and, er, easy to code for - it helps). Right now I am just experimenting with a simple “Advance Gifting” Extension (plug plug get it here and I have ideas on how to extend this - but I would love to work with a few Streamers who can help me fine tune what is their top priorities within this kind of Extension. I know most people use StreamLabs’ stuff - (or not?) but I’m looking for some Streamers who want to try something a bit different with this instead.

I also have plans to develop a Panel extension to link to the Video Overlay, but it’s not quite ready yet and I would be very happy to discuss this with any streamers who want to work with me.

Let me know if you are interested - feel free to DM or just reply to this thread! Thanks!