Can 2FA be remove if locked out

Hello everyone,
I enable the 2FA on my account after getting affiliate, however I never need to request for the token code since I have everything login already on my PC. In December I build a new PC and I have to login back into everything. then I notice I am unable to get SMS message for Authy for the token to login on my twitch account. I send request to get the token multiple time but no respond at all. I made request to change number but it take long to get anywhere to get it change. I receive four notification but no update. it has got me really down to not able to login and stream.

I was hoping there is a way twitch could remove the 2FA on my account from their side, I am will to answer info on my account to verify am the owner of the account.

if there is a easy please comment or reply to the post

This is the third party developers forum.

We can’t help with this issue.

Authy/2fa is covered on this help article