Can a single extension be used as a Video Component and Panel at the same time?

I am currently developing out an extension and are using the Local Test method to develop the application. I have noticed in ‘My Extensions’ I only have the option of displaying one extension type at a time ( Panel, Video Component, ect ). Is this a development restriction, or do I have to create multiple extensions to be able to show the different views at the same time? Thanks!

Streamers can only activate a given extension into one slot at a time.

Which till give you the following combinations (if you support mobile)

  • Video Overlay + mobile panel
  • Video Component + mobile panel
  • Panel + mobile panel

So you cannot have

  • Video Overlay + video component

An extension cannot be in two “regular/desktop” slots at the same time.

Additionally: if your extension requires multiple slots, some streamers won’t use it as they have other extensions in those slots and will choose more extensions over a “greedy” extension, generally speaking